Delegates chosen for BC Fed Convention

President | September 20, 2012

The dates are set! This year's BC Federation of Labour convention will be held on Novemeber 26th to November 30th. At the AGM in September the membership chose to send 2 delegates plus the President to represent our local at this important event. Chosen as delegates were Regan Gehman (CLPB) and Jaime Rodgers (CHWK). This will be the first conventiion for each of these members who are interested in learning more about the function of the labour movement as a whole. The BC Federation of Labour convention is where delegates representing various unions throughout our fine province meet to pass resolutions that will give direction to the executive board as to how we as a labour movement would like our voices heard. This year one of our own members Trevor Davies (CUPE 374) will be seeking the BC Fed Executive position of Secretary/Treasurer.

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