458 delegates attend 2011 CUPE National Convention

November 2, 2011

Cupe National's week long convention was held from October 31st to November 4th. In attendance were three delegates representing Cupe Local 458. The delegates chosen by the membership at the Annual General Membership meeting in September were  Bryan Bickley, Mark Rydell and Cameron Temple. Elections were held for President, Secretary Treasurer , two diversity vice presidents, one trustee, 5 General Vice Presidents and all 11 Regional Vice Presidents. The results are as follows:

President: Paul Moist - acclaimed

Secretary Treasurer : Mark Fleury - after 3 rounds of voting

Diversity VPs: Yolanda McClean, Brian Baron - acclaimed

Trustee: Mark Goodwin - acclaimed

General VPs: Lucie Levassuer, Tom Graham, Daniel Legere, Barry O'Neill, and Fred Hahn - acclaimed

Regional VPs: Wayne Lucas, Danny Cavanagh,Sandy Harding, Lori Mckay, Denis Bolduc, Nathalie Stringer, Michael Hurley, Henry Giroux, Mike Davidson, Judy Henley, Marle Roberts, Mark Hancock and Ken Robinson - acclaimed

Many resolutions were passed including a constitutional ammendment that will provide for the next printing of our National Constitution to be in plain language, allowing for a more easily readable document that all members can understand clearly.

Much debate surrounded the drafts of Cupe's strategic initiative document that lays out the direction our union is to take in the coming years. Many members agreed with the content of the directive, but called for action to back up the words. The next couple of years could prove to be quite eventful given the global attacks on unions and the subsequent rising up of the middle class that we are currently seeing.

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