Naramata Week long Union School attended by two 458 members

President | May 18, 2012

Naramata week long union school provides excellent opportunities to union activists who wish to improve their knowledge and/or skills relating to unionized workplace issues. This year our local sent two delegates to this educational. Brad Hanninen attended the Politics in Action workshop, where he learnt skills that will help our local be more active in Municipal, Provincial and Federal politics. Please contact your local President if you would like to work with members like Brad on our local's Political Action committee. Kristina Laing attended the week-long Social Media course, designed to assist local unions in using website design/maintenance, Facebook administration, Twitter  etc. as a tool to reach out to union members. Look out for improvements to our website, a 458 facebook page and the local's use of twitter coming soon. The next week-long union school will be in Parksville in October from the 21st to the 26th. Delegates will be chosen at the Annual General Membership meeting on September 12th, so be sure to attend if you wish to let your name stand. Be prepared to adress the membership and let them know which course you would like to take, and how this will benefit your unit and/or the local as a whole.

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